Description of Project

I plan to explore macro photography and what it takes to get a great macro shot. I will find great examples of a good macro shot and learn from them. I will publish the photos that I’ll take onto my account. I will also write a brief description about what it took to take each photo onto Flickr. In the end, I will have learned what you need and what it takes to take a great macro photo.

Communications Standard

4.2. Sets goals for improvement.


  • Research tips for macro photography
  • Find Creative Commons examples of good macro shots on
  • Take pictures
  • Download pictures
  • Upload my pictures to
  • Write explanations



What I Did

For this project, I first resourced tips on how to take a great macro shot. Once I found some helpful hints, I then began taking photos with the Canon PowerShot G12 and Canon EOS 10D cameras. I started with the G12, which does not have a macro lens, it has a macro setting. With the Canon EOS 10D camera, it can have a macro lens, so I used that. Once I took my photos, I did a little editing on iPhoto and uploaded my best shots onto my account.

What I Learned

What I learned was what it takes to get a great macro shot. I saw that it really does take time before you get a great shot. Especially, if you try to take a photo of an insect or animal. I also got a feeling of how to use a macro lens with the Canon EOS 10D camera, and how it works. I even learned that it really didn’t matter what camera I used to get a shot, because both cameras have great macro photo quality, which was nice.

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