Description of Project

I plan to explore more in depth with macro photography and what it takes to get a great macro shot while applying the compositional rules to some of the pictures.  I will find great examples of  great macro shots and learn from them. I will publish the photos that I’ll take onto my account. I will also write a brief description about what it took to take each photo onto Flickr. In the end, I will have learned what you need and what it takes to take a great macro photo with applying the rules of composition.

Communications Standard

4.2. Sets goals for improvement.


  • Research tips for macro photography
  • Review the compositional rules again
  • Find Creative Commons examples of good macro shots on
  • Take pictures
  • Download pictures
  • Upload my pictures to
  • Write explanations



What I Did

For this project, I continued taking macro shots from my previous project. I already knew some tips for macro photography, so I wanted to make my pictures look better this time around. I then looked at the compositional rules again so I can apply them to some of my photos.  I started taking photos with the Canon PowerShot G12 and Canon EOS 10D cameras. I mainly used the Canon EOS 10D camera to take my pictures this time around. I found that my photos came out better with this camera. Near the end of my project, I used the Canon PowerShot G12. The G12 has a macro setting since it does not have a macro lens. Once I took my photos, I edited them a little bit on iPhoto and uploaded my best shots onto my account.

What I Learned

What I learned was how to take even better macro photos, because I was applying the compositional rules. I noticed that when applying the compositional rules, you really have to be aware of what you are taking pictures of. I also became aware of how patient you need to be with macro photography, you must adjust the camera perfectly and also get the perfect picture. It is especially hard when taking a photo of an insect or animal. With continuing with macro photography, I also got more used to the way the camera works with the macro lens on Canon EOS 10D camera. With this project, I learned how much the compositional rules make a photo that much better.

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